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World’s Fastest Rail Train TGV 574,8 KPH Inside Footage


Coool, this is the fastest rail train ever!

French TGV breaks own rail train speed record on april 3rd 2007, setting world record at 574.8 kph or 357.2 mph


Video Goggles for your iPod!

Check out these cool Video Goggles for your iPod!

Yet another sweet product to put a smile on all you iPod owners face! The C4-MV1 by ISONIC allows you to watch your videos through these glasses, expect a 320×240 QVGA resolution, actually this is not brand new, it can be found in the US (SolidOptex).

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Motorcycle made out of WOOD for $2200!

I just got back from my first “real” vacation in a year and a half (where I went somewhere…) to Las Vegas! We drove about 10 hours there and almost veered off the road couple times from lack of rest and sleep BUT the good news is that I took a picture of this cool motorcycle made out of wood at the local gift shop near the strip. Cool… will someone buy it? This was the most expensive thing in the store. Free shipping… What a piece of art

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Wow, check out this cool Monty bike this guy made!

This is a small, simple recumbent bicycle. With its 16″ wheels Monty is a portable vehicle which easily can be dismantled. I wanted a bike that I can bring on trains, buses and other means of public transport. Since there are hardly any small foldable recumbent bikes on the market I decided to build one myself.

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Hornet Gyro

Check out these awesome Hornet Gyros if you haven’t yet. This would be cool to make and fly it around your pad!  You can start with these mini-kits first and then maybe move on to the real thang!

The Hornet Autogyro is 2-stroke powered, recreational, sport gyroplane. It was designed from the beginning to be an ultralight, meaning, that you do not need a license to fly it. However, in the interest of safety (and your own neck),

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DIY HOWTO – MAC Backpack

Let’s go make a MACpack, or a backpack made with an old MAC. If you are really into MACs, you really need one of these…

Finally after nearly a year of working, i have finished my masterpiece; I have racked up more geek points by creating a backpack from an old macintosh SE computer c. 1988. I know everyone is saying either A.) why did you destroy a perfectly good macintosh? Or B.) Why didn’t you spend that time making floppy disk plate mail like you

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Bike with a Continously Variable Transmission


Wow, check out this cool new bike with continously variable transmission!

Bicycle transmissions have clearly caught up with those of cars. We’ve already seen automatic transmission bikes by Shimano and others—and now there’s a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in this Ellsworth bicycle th

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DIY HACK – How to build a raft with Gatorade plastic bottles!

Check out these guys who made a raft with gatorade plastic bottles then WENT sailin’~ Great job guys, you guys are making the world a better place to live by promoting re-use of those plastic bottles that get trashed everywhere.  Now, maybe they can go another level and make a ocean fleet just with plastic bottles.

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Chinese 2008 Olympic Swim Center

Check out some pictures of the new swimming center for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. It looks like a giant watercube, which is what it’s supposed to look like.

“Our ‘Watercube’ concept is a simple and concise square form that ultimately uses the water bubble theory to create the structure and building cladding, and which makes the design so unique. It appears random and playful like a

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Stretch Ferrari Limousine Made!

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Check out these guys making a stretch Ferrari Limousine by cutting up a Ferrari 360 Modena. Yikes, I probably be happy with a non-stretched one…

The motorsport press thought it was a big deal when Ferrari made their F1 car longer than last season’s by a couple of inches. Well, some nutjobs in a chop-shop somewhere have taken things a step further by hacking a perfectly good Ferrari in two and adding a few seats, turning out a gran turismo even longer than

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