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Check out the details of this bad-ass little ride with electric power. I am going to see if I can get one for a monthly contest here… (or maybe 2, one for me too!)

Anyways, these are tight ass little rides you can commute to work without having a big bulky bike or car to park at an overpriced parking lot.

If you want one of these for free, leave a COMMENT! (Will they send us 2 of these? One for me and one for one of our readers?)  (thank

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Maker Faire 2007 – The Soul Cycle


Check out this cool Soul Cycle! We saw a guy and a girl riding this through massive traffic throughout the Maker Faire. It was cool because we got some good music for free! They were playing some good Bob Marley music, which is my favorite.  (awesome!)

I guess you can get this mod for your bike, cool…

Add the element of music to your next social ride with one of our amazing Soul Cycle mobile audio systems. There’s nothin

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Electric Motorcycles

I love motorcycles in general since I own a Gixer but WOW; I was amazed at these really cool electric motorcycles at the Maker Faire. These things have like 30 batteries hooked up to it!

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HPV – Human Powered Vehicle or Cool Bike we say


Wow, there’s so much stuff still to come from our Maker Faire 2007 coverage. It’s like a massive virus or a bomb that hasn’t released itself yet…

With all the cool bikes we’ve covered in the past, this is probably the coolest bike, well at least the most technological “lookin'”. I am not exactly sure where this bike is from, I think we’ve covered it before but…

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Sit and Pedal Persistence of Vision!


It’s been a blast yet we’ve been able to get barely 5 hours sleep. But we will get all this cool stuff posted.

Mayhem & Chaos brings you some really cool sit and pedal POV (Persistence of Vision) using recycled bicycle parts.

I guess Mayhem took it to Burning Man every year. Cool… I gotta go one of these days.

Thanks Mayhem for letting us take a vid!

Mayhem & Chaos website

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Electric Skateboard


Check out this cool electric skateboard these guys made. Thanks Frank for letting me get on it. I was about to take off with it to my house… It’s an electric skateboard that goes forwards and backwards by simply putting your weight towards where you want to go. It seems to be using some kind of accelerometer. If they start selling these to kids, these would be way more cool than any Segways for sure.

Check out MetroMotive.com for more information. (A

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Maker Faire Live Blogging – ALAVs by Jed Berk!


Check out these Cool ALAVs (Autonomous Light Vessels) by Jed Berk! Tight! It uses Sun Microsystems SunSpot microcontroller, which can be programmed in Java. I like this idea since there’s a lot of Java embedded processors out there but this ones from the creators. Jed tells me that all the pieces were 3D designed on the computer and laser-cut, kinda cool~ 🙂

Jed says,

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Steam turbine tank!

The image “http://zedomax.com/image/icon/make.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Cool, we are looking forward to Maker Faire for cool steam tanks like this!

So what do you do after you’ve made a bunch of steam powered r/c tanks? Well you try making a steam turbine tank of course! Making a steam turbine r/c machine has sort of been one of my Holy Grails, but there are many issues with steam turbines, that made it difficult for me to tackle on the project.


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DIY HACK – Supercharged Airplane

Check out this cool supercharged airplane you can make in your free time!

The single-sheet paper airplanes you made when you were a kid (or perhaps last week in your cubicle) were, well, kid stuff compared to this beefed-up paper craft, which uses an electric motor from an old pager or toy powered by a big electrolytic capacitor. Known as a “Gold Cap” and made by Panasonic, the capacitor charges from a battery pack and then met

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Funny Escalator

After work, instead of taking the usual elevator, stairs, or escalator, you can simply slide down the Funny Escalator and save some time too. If we ever get a chance to build our own building, this would definitely be one of the features. But you’d probably need to pay a lot of money for insuring it.

via picture-mania.blogspot

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