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Ride a Arm Chair like a golf cart!

Check out these arm chairs you can cruise in!



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Video – Hoverbike, Hoverboard + Segway

[gv data=”_QQM_uHBaKc”][/gv]

Here’s hoverbike, which is basically a mix of a hoverboard and segway. Actually we have been developing our own too. Well we just got our prototype started so… we will see about the next Zedomax Hoverbike… via

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DIY Tool – Epson unveils smallest GPS chip ever

Here’s the smallest GPS chip ever! Great news for us hackers and DIYers!

PhysOrg.com says “thanks to clever use of space-saving technology the S4E19863 series is the world’s smallest GPS module (7 mm x 6 mm x 1.28 mm), making it ideal for applications with limited component space, such as mobile phones. ”

Epson’s new GPS is already being massed produced and is alread

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Gixer versus Westfield XTR4

[gv data=”MdyGUt1PpgA”][/gv]

Wow, check this out gixer 1000 versus a Westfield XTR4! Too bad they don’t have a drag test…

In this Fifth Gear segment, Vicki pits a Suzuki GSX-R1000 up against the Westfield XTR4. Which one comes out on top?


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DIY – Kite + Ice + Butt + Board

[gv data=”n45r_z9XEIo”][/gv]

Here’s a way to make your old skateboard to work during your cold winter holidays! I’d make one myself with my old skateboards but here in Cali, we have no frozen lakes…

Your screaming steel blades carve the ice. Your straining kite hurls you along at incredible speeds. You are mere inches above the ice. Or suddenly wiping out all

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DIY HACK – Make your own Super Bike Light!

Here are some super bike lights you can build using some parts from Home Depot!

I’ve been using this headlight for 4 years now and I’m still using the original bulbs. The low beam has power enough for speeds up to 40 miles per hour and on-coming traffic ALWAYS dims their brights when I flash the 50-watt high beam.

This one is made of 120 super-bright

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Power Tool Race!

[gv data=”rYTVwude68g”][/gv]

You can now watch races using power tools!

It’s a rocket. Stuck through the back of a skull, sitting on an aging belt sander rigged to a pair of sawed-off skis. And it can haul butt down a track.

Scott David and his 10-year-old son, Cal, built El Diablo del Muerte (“the Devil of Death”) for last summer’s first annual Seattle Power Tool Drag Race and Derby. Inspired by earlier events in

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Update: Bike POV Video

[gv data=”28LrJJPIlbI”][/gv]

Here’s the video for the Bike POV earlier.

Nice “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, guys! (or girls)

via hackedgadgets forum

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Nicely done RGB Bike POV! POV stands for Persistence of Vision, check out wikipedia definition if you don’t know it yet.

The whole thing is based on a pic16f628A, with some SMD mosfets to power the led’s. Those are very bright RGB led’s with SMD resistors for smaller PCB size and lower weight. That’s important too when keeping in mind

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Self parking lego mindstorms

[gv data=”ebfxYAUBw-0″][/gv]

Nicely done parking job!

It has got an ultrasonic sensor that detects the length of free spaces. Then, when it detects enough space, it makes the necessary movments to park. And when you say “GO!” it returns to the road

via via

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