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Custom Segways – Segways Hacked! – Heavy Duty Segway and Segway Centaur!


This heavy duty segway features like 6 car rims, which probably slows it down but innovative.


And check out this Segway Centaur, it’s the shi*!

via HackedGadgets


DIY HACK – How to make your own open source motor controller!

Check out this cool little hack, it’s an open-source motor controller for an electric bike. There’s no pictures of a finished version but can’t wait to see this circuit in action!

n brief the PicOx is a PicAxe 08M based digital Controller that performs an ADC of a Hall-effect throttle and an ADC of a Hall-based current sensor. These two parameters determine the “Mark” value of a 15Khz PWM signal that does the switching to the Outp

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Virgin Galatic, 3 Hour Space Travel, ready for reservations, can you afford it?

I first saw an article about Virgin’s Richard Branson on Wired magazine couple months ago. Virgin announced that it was launching a public service where people can experience zero-gravity.

Basically, Virgin is taking space travel into reality for normal people like you and me.

Anyways, I was SiteHoppin’ along for some random Entrecard tech blogs and found

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Jet Powered Van!



Lol…here’s how you can turn your family van into a racing Jet Powered Van!

So you thought that driving a van was not cool? Think again, with this van when someone gives you a dirty look all you need to do is flip a switch to open the rear window and slide the two massive jet turbine exhaust ports out. Crank up the jet turbine and burn everything behind you! On the track it can do 1/8th mile in 7.65 seco

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Quadski an ATV and Jet-Ski Combo!



Tight, need to get one of these one day huh?

via DailyTechImpressions

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Tight, this TANK “wheel chair” can go up stairs, over rocks, and anything you can’t do with a regular wheelchair.

Why didn’t they make this earlier?

Each chair is custom made to order and will have a heft price of around $15,000. If you’re hoping to snag one for yourself you can order now and have it by the middle of February.

via SlashGear

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PocketComms – The perfect international travel companion so you don’t have to learn another language!

Check out this PocketComms, it’s basically got pictures of food, bags, and other human necessities needed for communicating with others when you go to a different country so you don’t have to learn another language and still get your mind across.


The pocket sized global communicator with over 1,000 pictures

From the Nomads of the Desert, to the Eskimos of the Arctic, the Tribesmen of the Rain Forest to the Hustle of Hong Kong. Simple, quick and easy to use just point at a picture to get your message across Des

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Super Sport 2-seater gyroplane

This thing is tight!

The Super Sport Gyroplane comes with has a roomier cabin (49″ interior width) for better cockpit management and comfort, and a very generous cargo room behind the seats. The cabin is equipped with forced air ventilation and cabin heat. The handsomely designed instrument panel is efficient and also compact. Its 2.5 liter Subaru engine producing 190hp is able to get the little machine to over 100mph.

Super Sport can be taken as a good day tripper, thanks to its range of between 300 and 400 miles from a 30 gallon tank full

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Pulse Jet Go-Cart


Wow, wee! Dat thang is loud! We are on a blog marathon today folks to start off 2008 on a speed-blogging theme. We will be posting 30+ posts per day just like “we used to”.

via HackedGadgets

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Scooting about on a Stand-up Trike

Wow, check out this nifty Stand-Up Trike, tight! Will they send us a sample? (We will give it out as a prize if they do.)

Stephan Soder came up with the idea as a way to pull himself along while wearing rollerblades. He built the first one in his garage with a small petrol motor.

The commercial version is called the Easyglider X6 which riders can use with a skateboard or roller-blades or stand on a two-wheeled rear platform.

It features an electric-powered front wheel, a handbrake, a headlight, and three power levels. Optional extra

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