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Robot Hack – How to Build a CNC Robot Router!


Here’s a really cool “robot” that is also a CNC machine to make different shape and sizes of “stuff” for you.

You can read details on how to build this CNC robot router here.

On another note, HackNMod, one of our favorites sites, was featured in a

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iPhone Hack – How to Add a Mini-Keyboard to your iPhone!


Apparently, a guy in Japan has hacked his iPhone to work with his mini keyboard.

With this translation, I am kinda getting the idea how he did it.  (If you can read Japanese, please enlighten me by translating this original DIY Page.

From what is looks like, you just need 3 l

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Japanese Researchers Fit 42GB on a Single DVD!

It looks like Japanese researchers have figured out how to fit 42GB of information onto a single DVD by changing the way light is reflected off the DVD and thus storing array of bytes instead of 1 single bit.

Not sure how this will affect DVDs in the future but this might be the start of DVD2 era.

Researchers from the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, based in Japan’s Tohoku University, have – according to Google’s translation of a document released by the university department – discovered a way to mult

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