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Amp DIY – How to Make a Transformers Vacuum Tube Amp!

For those of you Transformers fans who like to tinker with amps, you should really take a look at this great article on how to make a vacuum tube amp.   Very inspiring, I wouldn’t mind having one of these sitting in my living room.

Schematics are available for those up for the challenge.

This past summer I saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and I was inspired to build an enclosure for a vacuum tube amplifier that incorporated the Decepticon logo. The tube amplifier replaces a solid-state

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Transformers USB Flash Drives! [CES Withdrawls]

I guess guys over at Toshiba booth were using Transformer USB Flash Drives to demo their new Satellite laptops.  Well, apparently, these cool Transformers USB Flash Drives were more interesting than the laptops for CNet writer Scott Stein.

You can get these on Amazon for about $45.

Of course, CES i

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Transformers Wall Stick-On Giant Decals!

Here’s a great deal for anyone with kids, Transformers wall stick-on GIANT decals that your kids can safelty add/remove from the wall.

This is an adorable set of Transformers Super Jumbo appliques. There 5 self- adhesive, pre-cut,reusable wall stickers that have removable, self-stick appliques of Transformers we all love! 5 pieces of Peel & Stick technology; will adhere to any smooth surface. Removable and repositionable. Washable with mild soap and sponge. Largest image is 40″ high by 15″ wide. Decorating has never been so easy and fun! Clamshell packaging

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DIY Hack – HOWTO Make A High Voltage Supply in 5 Minutes!


Here’s a fun DIY for experimenting with some high voltage from spare TV parts.

In this Instructable you will learn how to make a High Voltage High Frequency power supply in 5 minutes and for less than $20.

All you need is a compact fluorescent light (CFL) and a flyback transformer.

Flyback transformers are found in TVs and CRT monitors. They make the high voltage, high frequency current necessary to trace the electron beam across the screen. They are small and compact, and you c

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