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Concept Train Picks up and Drops people off without Stopping!


Here’s a great concept train that picks up and drops people off without stopping.

This would work if there’s not many people getting into the train and jumping out.

In reality, this would never work well because the number of people in the train versus the number of people that can fit into the top car.  Trust me, I used to live in Seoul, there’s be about 500-1000 people getting on and off the train, there’s no way it’s gonna work for a metropolitan area with this concept.

Congrats for try

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Dog Hack – How to click train your dog cross paws

So, I’ve click trained a couple of dogs and it has always worked out super well. If you haven’t tried it, its how I got my last dog to sit, speak, shake, lay down and walk controlled off a leash. She even waits for me at crosswalks.

Here’s how you can use click training to make your dog hit buttons and cross its paws.

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DIY LED Scrolling Eye Mask Tells “Others” when you need to Get Off the Subway!


Here’s a cool DIY LED scrolling eye mask gadget that tells others when you need to get off the subway.

Apparently, people don’t seem to care enough to tell the person to get off the train but we think maybe they add some “vibrating” option to the eye mask, then it might be a practical eye mask that people could possibly, maybe use. (or probably not, I don’t want to be carrying a big eye mask around, make it really small…)

Noriko-san is designed to give sleepyheads greater peace of mind (and

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Blackberry Earrings!

Yes, now you can express your cellphone desires with the Blackberry earrings.  Blackberry (Crackberry) is still better than iPhone for business and typing.

BlackBerry (or as it’s commonly known, crackberry) addiction is actually getting to be somewhat passé, what with the iPhone mania. Still, look at every train, plane, and automobile, and you can generally find someone buried in their blackberry, furiously typing on those tiny keys and scrolling through their email.


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MyVu Crystal Lets you see Media in Your Eyes!

Check out this MyVu Crystal that you can hook up your iPod and watch videos/podcasts.

It looks awesome but I wonder how the actual quality is…

Introducing Myvu Crystal: watch what you love, when you want and look great doing it. Featuring SolidOptex® — the Myvu patented optical system — Crystal transforms your portable media player into a hands-free, full-screen private viewing experience. All that within the thinnest, lightest and most durable video eyewear available.

– Full VGA quality — our highest resolu

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Crank MP3 from Japan!

Here’s a cool lookin’ MP3 you can crank to re-charge the battery.  Crank for about 10 minutes and you get 50 minutes of playing power.  Of course, the MP3 can also be re-charged via USB.   Now, THIS is what iPod  needs, ability to crank it up.

Sure, you can sit on the train and twiddle your crank but to save you from such embarrassing moments, this does allow for recharge via US

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