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World’s Most Fuel Efficient SUV!

According to Edmunds, Ford Escape Hybrid is one of the most fuel efficient SUV of 2008.  I was kinda surprised that Ford came on as one of the top SUVs for this as my friends used to always joke FORD stood for, “Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge”.  (There some more funny ones on the urban dictionary)

Well, I am thinking about replacing my

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Visualeyes launches Rayzer – another set of Headlights that go on the rear-view mirror.

Check out this nifty light for your car. Basically it goes behind your rear-view mirror, allowing more lights I guess… We haven’t figured out if this is a hit product yet but seems pretty cool for those dark curvy mountain roads for your next camping trip up to Tahoe. Will they send us a sample? (maybe I can put it on my TrailBlazer and find out if it works under rugged conditions and race-car style driving…lol…)

No exterior modifications needed on car!

In contrast to conventional auxiliary lights, Rayzer is posit

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