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GooHack of the Day!

Well, I did a search on “sleep” today over at GooHack.com and found some interesting DIY:

How to make sleep glasses so your boss doesn’t see you sleeping.

So, it’s only January and you are already sick and tired of your responsibilities. Ever WonderHowTo get out of doing the things you don’t want to do? Work, relationships,… or simply driving

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Video Interview at AdTech 2008 with John Chow – 18 Secrets about Blogging and the Internet


Hi All,

I was over at AdTech 2008 today in Moscone Center, San Francisco. Guess who I ran into? Well, it was kinda planned but at the last minute, I figured to get some advice from one of the world’s top blogger, John Chow, and share some of his secrets with you.

Since he was fea

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Yahoo’s version of Digg – Yahoo Buzz!

Lol…it looks like Yahoo is trying to get a share of the social networking market. Check out Yahoo Buzz, it could create a lot of traffic for your site if you become a publisher.

Check out the About page, sorta very similar to Digg huh? Remember AOL try to do the same thing with Netscape? I think Yahoo would do a little better, possible better than Digg. With all the black market for Diggs,

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DIY Linux HACK – HOW TO optimize your WordPress Blog, MediaWiki, or any other high load website with Compression!

Well, we did a lot of server hacking before with some MySQL, eAccelerator, and httpd.

There’s a lot of major blogs out there I have checked using Web Page Compression Tool that are not using compression. (For one, I checked John Chow’s blog)

Try to check one of your posts instead of checking your main URL as the tool is funky with root domains. (e.g. Check http://zedomax.com/blog/2008/02/23/never-give-up-especially-your-blog-dude/ instead of http://zedomax.com)

Here’s a screenshow of compres

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The biggest pyramid “splog” scam in this world today – StumbleUpon =Spambleupon

Okay, I will have to tell you the truth tonight about one of the biggest social networking sites, SpambleUpon, or most people call it, StumbleUpon.

They are making so much money off bloggers, basically StumbleUpon “scrapes” bloggers’ content and makes millions of dollars off you!  Even though no one has really “sued” them, they are in big trouble if bloggers start sueing them one by one.

Google should really ban them for “splogging”, every one of SU users’ blogs are “splogs” made up of content written by bloggers li

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SiteHoppin’ hops like crazy over BlogRush in pageviews!

Wow, check this out:

Remember our post on why SiteHoppin’ will exponentially grow and BlogRush will die? Yey, today we proved it.

We are still behind in numbers of reach but we are not too worried, we got some new features that will hoppity go

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SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

Wow, this is simply something I’ve never done, make a website and then make it get over 10,000 UNIQUE VISITORS within 11 days.

Check this out:

Wow, we haven’t really hit 10K yet, but we got 9,991 and it’s still 10:01PM baby.

We are excited as hell like couple days ago when we reached 6,953! But, the day right after my birthday, my new site, SiteHoppin’ took off crazier than any sites I’ve ever made AND one of my best college buddies Billy Hendrix’s girlfriend, just had a boy baby this mornin’!

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Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

This is a little traffic overview so we know where the heck Zedomax will be next year… Well, it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Since last July or so, our traffic has been growing steadily and we have no idea how we did it. Well, one thing that might have helped is that we started blocking all trackbacks from splogs. Before July last year, I didn’t even know what a “splog” is but now I do… Anyways, we will actually be starting to do some real work instead of messing around all the time.

Here’s another tip

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How SiteHoppin’ will virally increase Blog’s traffic and users’ blogs

There’s been a lot of questions regarding our new site, SiteHoppin’, so I will show you briefly how it will virally increase a blog’s traffic.

Instead of typing URL or using a bookmarking system like Del.icio.us, users will start using SiteHoppin’ to tag their favorite sites and go “site hoppin'” daily.

How will increase traffic for your blog? Well, simply, if you submit your blog to SiteHoppin with the tag.

The greatest part is t

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DIY – Dirty Tricks to Double your Traffic and talk trash all day long

If you have noticed our post about how to be a moron and learn to not be rich, that WAS a big joke so go check out Can’t Get Rich and learn how to double your traffic by collaborating on a “set” blog-fight and talking trash all day long to bring more traffic.

BTW, Geoff, that was a lot of fun. Let’s do another one soon. We will have to stage it better o

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