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Google GMail Back UP!

Well, Google GMail is finally back up after couple hours of service outage.

Think about how many businesses rely on GMail to run their businesses. (including me)

Now that said, the world ecommerce/commuication now moving again, forward. Yey!

I was actually a little worried myself there for a second, we received an influx of too much traffic while the GMail down blog post was up and GMail was down.  It seemed like a LOT of people were searching why Goo

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Interesting Twitter HOWTOs/Theories!

Here’s a quick compilations of interesting Twitter HOWTOs and theories I have made over the last month over at my .Biz blog:

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Bike that lets you Low-Ride or High-Ride on the Go!

Here’s an awesome design for a bike that will let the rider “low-ride” or “high-ride” while ridin’.  What a great concept, I can envision future bikes coming like this.

Created by German industrial designer Stefan Wallmann, the Zweistil provides with two riding positions. One to travel in the city, when you need to be more agile and aware of the traffic around you. The other is to travel long distances and for leisure, when you can lay back and enjoy the views.

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Web DIY – How to Setup Load Balancing Linux Web Servers!

Here’s a good DIY for webmasters looking to expand their websites to handle more traffic with load balancing linux web servers. I have been looking into load-balancing even this site as it’s getting too big to manage with a single server.

All the software required to implement a LAMP cluster ships with most Linux distributions, so it’s easy to implement. We’ll construct a cluster using seven computers for a fictitious company, foo.com. Two servers will run DNS, primary and backup, to distribute Web requests among three Web servers that read and write data from

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PHP DIY – How to Add RSS Feeds to Any Website/Blog using Magpie RSS Parser!

One of the most common things we do in today’s Web2.0 programming are RSS feeds.  Now there’s a bunch of ways you can add RSS feeds to your website but let me tell you the BEST way using PHP.

1) Download and unzip Magpie RSS in your website root directory somewhere.

2) Anywhere in your PHP code, add the following line, while making sure the full directory path is specified.  (I usually like to put it in directory such as “magpie”)

require('rss_fetch.inc'); $myurl="http://ze

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Mind Hack – How to do More Stuff in Less Time!

Okay, here’s a fun mind hack for all of you working in a cubicle, home, or whereever.

It’s a mind exercise that can possibly help you do more stuff in less time.

Now let me begin by saying that I used to work from 6am to 12am in Korea when I used to work at Comfile. (That’s 6am until midnight, 18 hours of work)

I am very very familiar with working overtime at a cubicle, especially because I had the chance to work with fellow Korean people couple years ago, they work really freakin’ long hours.  (with no efficiency whatsoever though)

As a

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Youtube DIY – How to drive traffic to Youtube

You might be a video publisher on youtube, but you might not know how to drive traffic to your clips. Well, here’s a good set of tips for building traffic for youtube.

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Linux Web Server Hack – How to Write Automated Load Balancing Script!

Well, I have been manually managing the dedicated server for this site for last 2 years or so but I found a better way to automate the server so it doesn’t ever go down due to overload.

One of the common problems in dedicated servers is the fact that load can go out of control and your web server along with it, causing you to hard-restart the server.

A better way to deal with this over-load problem is to shut down the HTTPD server (web server) before your server

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Watch Videos on the iPhone while Driving!(reflected off the dashboard of course)


Here’s a great idea for watching movies while driving using the iPhone.  Of course, if you get in an accident while doing so, don’t blame me.  I only told you that you “could”, but not that you “should” do that.

Now, it might be a good idea to use GoogleMaps on that dashboard if you don’t want to watch movies but drive efficiently to your destination.

Why don’t I feel better because he usually only uses his headset in one ear “so that I

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DIY – How to Make Ultrasonic Bat Goggles!


Here’s an interesting experiment where a Bat Goggles are used to allow the user to experience bat’s auditory cues.

Please do not wear these in hazardous environments or in traffic! These goggles are for educational purposes only and meant for controlled environments since they are intended to block your peripheral vision and regular vision so you are more reliant on auditory cues.

I am not responsible for any injuries as a result of wearing these goggles! Thanks!

Since th

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