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4th Busan International Motor Show 2008 This Week!

Pusan International Motor Show 2008 is in town.  Where is Pusan?  Pusan is the biggest “beach” city in South Korea located almost at the southern edge of Korea.  It’s a great place where Korean and Japanese companies can have a tradeshow as it’s the tipping point of South Korea.

Anyways, click below to check out some awesome pictures:

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Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – CX Digital Media CPA Affiliate Programs

VHi All,

This week we will be featuring review of affiliate programs from AdTech 2008 and try out 6 affiliate programs we hand pick and test them out over the next 2 months.

(AdTech is a tradeshow that covers the latest trends in online marketing, advertising, publishing, and social media.)

For the reviews, we actually went out and hand picked the smaller or less known affiliate companies among the bloggers, who provide better customer support while giving you better affiliate payouts.

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