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Skateboard DIY – How to Do Skateboard Tricks!

(Author ollieing in the HOUSE!)

Skateboarding has always been an old-pastime sport of mine, here’s a bunch of skateboard tricks and tips from my new blog BoardSports1.com:

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World’s Strongest Man Made Tornado Rules!

Watch the vid and see the world’s strongest man made tornade in action!

This must be great way for scientists to discover ways to stop tornados too.

You may have seen this man-made wonder

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Live View of a Scary Tornado in Hennessey, Oklahoma

Here’s a live view of a scrary tornado in Hennessey, Oklahoma. If you never seen a tornado, you gotta check it out. The tornado has already killed 1 couple found dead in their car. Let’s hope this thing dies pretty soon.

via foxnews

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