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Recommended Toothbrush

Gold Plated Toothbrush!

(Gold-plated Toothbrush from South Korea, 2000 Won, which is about 2 US dollars.)

Close-up (the bristles are gold plated?)

Believe it or not, people in South Korea have been going kinda crazy with gold-plated toothbrush.  I recently saw one at my local Korean supermarket in San Francisco, then my mom gave me an authentic gold-plated toothbrush she brought over from Korea. (Thanks mom!)

Well, I do already have an automatic Oral-B toothbrush (wh

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DIY – Overclocking toothbrush

An amazing DIY on how to overclock your toothbrush by toothbrush professionals…

You can turn a $6 toothbrush to outperform a $100 toothbrush using some parts from Radio Shack.

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