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Zedomax Server Hogging…

Yes, Zedomax.com has been up and down and running for last couple months on a quad-cpu server that’s simply not capable.

But today I did get to goto my girlfriend’s parents house and hook them up with an portable AC conditioner.  I will not get into details but that’s been taking most of my time and I had no access to my computer. (blogger excuse…ahem…)

Anyways, I will be back tomorrow morning to continue where I left off, tracks to covering all the neat gadgets with a twis

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Dash, in-car Navigation Company Launches their API!



Here’s Dash, a company that makes in-car navigation opening their API for developers to develop apps for their navigation system.

Sounds like a great idea, it will work a lot better if they offered some prizes like Google (GOOG) has been doing with their

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