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Cloning Hack – How to Clone Tomato Plants!

For those of you trying to multiply your garden plants, you might want to take a look at this great instructable that shows you how to “clone” tomato plants by cutting them at 45 degree angle and more.  Of course, cloning plants in this manner has been done for years before the discovery of DNA and genetic science but it still is the best way to multiply your garden.

I am pretty sure the same method will work for most garden plants so mark this page for your reference!

For this instructable, I will show you how to increase the amount of produce you can gro

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Garden DIY – How to Grow Giant Tomatoes!

Well, I’ve noticed these giant tomato ads and couldn’t help post it, you can order these freakin’ GIANT tomato plants here for $10 and they come with 3 plants that will grow to over 8 feet in just 90 days!

Only if I had a house with a garden…

The Giant Tomato Tree is the virtual tomato factory that grow

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