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DealMax – Gadget Deals for TODAY ONLY!

I swear to God, Buy.com always has some great deals on gadgets, here’s a couple you might be interested in.  Remember this is good only for today and these deals never come back so take advantage.

First up is this Toshiba  1080P Up-converting DVD player for $39.99.  (REFURBISHED)  It’s refurbished but still, I would get this as I paid like $50 for a 1080P DVD player at Target couple months back and it SUCKS.

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I am going to Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco!


(Do you like my new T-shirt?)

Well, sorry for no posts today, I will be going to the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, bringing my HD Aiptek to record some Web 2.0 stuff.

If you are going too, just look for the guy with “Zedomax.com” T-shirt, that’s me and I will be giving out freebie interviews to be posted on this site.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets!

Hi All,

I must have had my watch set to a day earlier, Earth Day was yesterday but I figured 1 day late is never too late for eco-friendly gadgets.

So here’s a round-up of various different eco-friendly and green gadgets you can buy to save the world:

Solar Alarm Clock – Great stuff, they should make all alarm clocks with a solar panel. How hard is that? Probably not that hard, look at all the caculators made today, the

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Getting better sleep today

I have been struck with the zzzzz sickness lately. I can get to sleep at night and feel like my whole world is falling into (or needs to) the zzzzz world. If I start working out more often, this should be better… (this flu is killing me!?!) Regardless, you can read about psychology today’s article on how to get a better night’s sleep when you can’t sleep.

The biggest sleep robber of all, however, is work—the puritan ethic gone haywire in an era of global

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How to stop smoking using an expensive gadget

With all the gadgets, pdas, mp3s you carry in your pocket, do you need this? Yes, you probably do if you are like me and carry a big pda phone, separate mp3 player because your pda sucks at multi-tasking, and you smoke. Now you can fight your cravings with some style! 🙂

Cold turkey is a delicious meal and one hard feat to accomplish. If you are unable to kick the s

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HOW Video – How Packaging is made by the industry

Here’s a cool video on how packaging is made by the industry today. This is great, I never knew it!

via techeblog

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