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Interesting Eco Posts For Today!

Well, here’s a bunch of interesting eco-friendly and green posts for today:

Check out the eco-friendly Lotus Eco Elise, nice eco-car.  Bamboo USB Eco-speakers are a great addition to your desk.

You can help the eco-movement by wearing one of these PacMac Eco T-shirts.

Also find out which toasters uses the least amount of energy, thu

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DIY Nintendo Toaster works Perfectly!

Fully Functional NES inside toaster


Check out this cool DIY Nintendo Toaster that encloses the whole Nintendo inside itself.  What I like most about this project is the toaster pop-out function works for the NES cartridges while the toaster LED turns on if the game is on.

I had an awful lot of people suggesting that my previous project (the Super Genintari/Leviticus) looked like a toaster. I then discovered that I had an extra NES and toaster laying around and knew what had to be done.

Ripped al

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Toaster Drive for PCs or Macs!

I must admit I do spend an awful amount of time in front of my computer and there’s always need for some nice toasted bread.

Here’s a Toaster Drive that will fit on any 5.25″ drive bays and you can connect it to your PC power supply for power.

How cool is that?

Now, I have a toaster to make myself breakfast without having to leave my comfy (and cheap) IKEA chair.

We listen to Gamers and what product do they want the most? Turns out Gamers crave toast. Enter the CrazyPC 5.25 Bay Toaster. What better way

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Toaster Bags make Making Hot Sandwiches a Breeze!

At first I thought this was a sushi toaster as the toaster bag and sandwich together reminded me of my favorite ma-ke.  But it turns out it’s a toaster bag which will keep everything inside your sandwich together while heating it up nicely.  Sorta reminds me of Quizno subs and how they oven-bake everything before they serve it.

This is ironic find as I have just bought a brand new toaster couple days ago after probably 10+ years of not having one.

Whether you’re a student, teenager or busy professional on the go, why not invest

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World’s Highest Popping Toaster!


Okay, do not buy this toaster because you probably won’t be able to catch your bread but it’s really cool.

CO2 Gas Powered…and now Officially the highest popping toaster in the world accord to the Guiness Book of Records

via neatorama

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