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Recommended Titanium

Digital Coin Counting Money Jar!

This money jar isn’t your average joe.  The Digital Coin Counting Money Jar can count your loose change.

Of course, you only know how much total you have, it’s not like the coin sorter

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Portable Solar Charger!

Here’s another cool little portable solar charger for your cellphones and small gadgets.

This totally convenient portable solar power supply can be used with cell phones, portable radios, and digital cameras. Because its lightweight and compact its ideal for use when traveling on business or pleasure, camping or hiking. Available in graphite or titanium finish.

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Volkswagon 235MPG Car available in 2010!

This VW can do 235MPG! It’s really small and cramped but hey, the VeeDub gets almost 5 times better mileage than my motorcycle.

The 1L is a lightweight two person vehicle made out of a magnesium frame covered by an unpainted carbon fiber skin. Every component of the vehicle is intended to reduce the vehicles weight. Aluminum brakes, carbon fiber wheels, titanium hubs, and ceramic bearings all contribute to the vehicle’s light weight of a mere 290 kg. To reduce the weight even further, and to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle, there

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