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26″ Wheeled eZip Trailz Electric Bike!

For those of you who live close enough to work but too far for walking it daily, you might be interested in this awesome electric bike that will get you to work in time at maximum 18 miles per hour and a 450VDC battery that lasts up to 22 miles per charge.

I’ve always had fun on electric bikes and I think they are great for the environment these days no doubt.

The eZip Trailz electric bike will get you to the groce

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iPhone DIY – How to Make an iPhone Case from Bike Tubes!

Although I rather buy an iPhone case, you can make one of these Poor Man’s iPhone Case by following this DIY on how to make an iPhone case from bike tubes.

Here are 3 designs I’ve made for housing your iphone in scrap bike tires / tubes. Pls comment with a picture if you make a different version!

via make

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Dirtsurfer is a Skateboard+Bike Hybrid Thingee!


Here’s a new way to skate down the gravel road with the Dirtsurfer, a hybrid surfing system consisting of skateboard and bicycle wheels flopped together.

It looks promising and fun but I am not sure if I am inclined to wear all that safety gear just to get on one.

The Freestyle Dirtsurfer features all the upgrades of the Flexi-Pro on a shorter length frame and smaller 16″ tires. The reduction in size allows for a lighter board that is more maneuverable so you can pull off the big

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Homemade Tire Cufflinks!

Do you have a job working at the financial district of your city?  Well, here’s a great way to show off your love for cars by wearing Tire cufflinks to work.

They measure 2 cm (3/4 inch) in diameter and will sit 1 cm tall off of your sleeve. The silver plated cufflink bases are embedded into the piece and they are guaranteed to never come apart.

These are made from recycled toy parts, and there may be some wear on these tires as they have some mileage on them.


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$21,000 Wheel Speakers!

Yes, this $21,000 wheel-like speakers will blow you off as I would never pay that much for speakers.

Unless they mass-produce this and bring the price down around $210 not $21K, it will remain in the hands of uber-rich snobs who rather throw away money on gadgets like this.

Designed by Ron Arad and Frances Pellisari for Austria’s Viteo, the Freewheeler produces high quality stereo sound indoors or out. The speaker measures in at about 22.8″ tall x 9.8″ wide, making it just about the same diameter as the tires on a Mazda MX-5 Miata (and

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Human Powered Off-Road 4X4 – TrailCart!

Yey, a human powered off-road 4×4!  Can it go over big rocks though?

The Trail Cart: A permanent four-wheel drive “bike” for the true off-road masochist. Looking at the size of those tires, and the fact that you are powering all four of them with your legs, we’d suspect that this thing would takes thighs the size of hams to even start it moving. But a poke around the website shows the Trail Cart being ridden by some not-too beefy Germans (the Cart is made in Germany), and even one kid.


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