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Cat DIY – How to Make Cat Auto Food Feeder!

Still feeding your lovely cat “manually”?  It’s time to get off your lazy a** and start making one of these cool cat auto food feeders.  Especially if you work during the day, this little device could feed your cat while you are gone.  Better yet, build a gigantic version when you are gone for couple days so your cat never feels hunger.

I needed a self feeder for my cat, so he would stop waking me up. After looking around on the Net (and instructables) I did find one that I based this feeder on, in a book called (Snowball Launchers, Giant-Pumpkin Growers, and Oth

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Oscilloscope DIY – How to Buy and Use an Oscilloscope!


Editor’s Note: Here’s a great site on how to buy and use an oscilloscope

A 3 part video tutorial series on what to look for when buying an oscilloscope, where to buy one, and how to use it.

An oscilloscope is the most important piece of electronic test equipment you can buy after a multimeter. They allow you to see, in great detail, what is going on with all the voltages in your circuit. If you ever work with audio circuits, timers, microcontrollers, radios, or anything isn’t DC, an oscilloscope will help you

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DIY – How to Make a Self-Ventilating Cat Litterbox!

You know that cat’s litterbox can become potentially dangerous to your health with its deadly fumes, especially for pregnant women.  Now, here’s a cool way to make a self-ventilating cat litterbox so you don’t have to worry about all that invisible bad-for-your-health fumes.

I recently saw a post on Apartment Therapy showing a homemade “Cat Jet” ventilation solution (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/at-email/tools-for-pet-living-the-cat-jet-and-the-roomba-email-from-9108-062199) using a bathroom fan to vent the noxi

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Control Your House with an iPhone using INSTEON Central Controller!

If you are thinking about controlling electronics in your house via wireless LAN and ethernet, this INSTEON Central Controller might the perfect product as it has also been designed to work with most PDA phones including the iPhone.   For a limited time, the SmartHome.com is also giving out a free iPod Touch so get them now if you need one.

INSTEON Central Controller is an affordable and flexible central controller perfect for enhancing any INSTEON home automation network. NetLinc integrates INSTE

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