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$1.3M Patek Philippe Geneve Watch!

Here’s a Patek Philippe Geneve watch that is retailing for $1.3 million.  WOW, I would really love to get this watch as it’s so cool, the watch even has dials on the back!

When I make $100 million dollars one day, I will get myself one of these watches.  Wouldn’t you?


The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watch is an extremely rare, highly complicated timepiece created by one of the world’s best recognized manufacturers.


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Quiksilver The Ray Eco-Friendly Watch!


Quicksilver introduces the world’s first eco-friendly watch through carbon-footprint-saving shipping methods (basically ship not air) and recyclable materials.  It looks pretty good in my opinion, I might have to get one soon.

Quiksilver is introducing the world’s first eco-friendly timepiece, a watch that has been designed to not only be built from recyclable materials but also do so with a minimal carbon footprint. Quiksilver does this by using sea shipping rather than airplanes and

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Chococlock controls your Chocolate Desires!

Can’t control your hunger for sweet stuff?  Here’s a Chococlock that will let you set a time when you are supposed to eat candy.

Chocolate’s yummy, innit? So why deny your love for the scrumptious stuff when you can celebrate it with the whimsically daft Chococlock. This stylish retro-modern timepiece is a bit like a cuckoo clock but when its shutters open, on the hour every hour, it delivers a scrumptious chocolate treat to the tune of the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’. You then have 30 seconds to retrieve your rew

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