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Koolatron B33 Kool Wheeler Icebox!

As a fishing fanatic, I always bring my giant wheeled icebox like this one pictured here.  I’d love to get one of these “iced” versions for Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day everybody!  I am going golfing today. 🙂

The Koolatron B33 Kool Wheeler makes it easy to carry a heavy load from house to car to picnic table to boat, etc. Using the built-in wheels and the unique fold-out handle, the wheeler is conveniently portable and unaffected

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DIY – How to build your own G-Force Meter!


Remember I did a G-Force Meter couple years ago? Here’s another cool DIY G-Force meter. The only difference it that it uses 7-segment display and a PIC18F series microcontroller.

After seeing so many applications using acceleromters making a simple project of my own with this cool sensor just seemed natural. The main application of the accelerometer is either for sensing tilt or sensing acceleration. For this application A G-Force meter for my car wil

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Revisiting GM Highwire – car that runs on saltwater

As I played some golf today at Lincoln Park for the first time in like 5 months, I met this cool guy who tipped me about the GM Highwire that runs on saltwater. But that’s not all, you have no pedals. You tilt the handle to accelerate and squeeze to stop. The whole thing runs on hydrogen fuel and exhaust water instead of carbon monoxide.

This car is so advanced, you can drive it on the right passenger side or left passenger side simply moving the handle via its control buttons…

If you haven’t seen it see it here:

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