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Robot Video – Face Tracking Hexapod Robot


Check out this tight ass hexapod robot from MicroMagic systems! Very cute.

The hexapod was my fourth generation robot, and took around 2 weeks to build, the hexapod locomotion engine has been developed on and off over a couple of years. The face recognition software was based on OpenCV libraries, integration of face recognition into the i.C. hexapod face tracking took around 1 week, but with several weeks of fine tuning and enhancements.

A bit of technical backgrou

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Check out the details of this bad-ass little ride with electric power. I am going to see if I can get one for a monthly contest here… (or maybe 2, one for me too!)

Anyways, these are tight ass little rides you can commute to work without having a big bulky bike or car to park at an overpriced parking lot.

If you want one of these for free, leave a COMMENT! (Will they send us 2 of these? One for me and one for one of our readers?)  (thank

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Self modeling robot


Here’s a tight ass robot!

While simple yet robust behaviors can be achieved without a model at all, here we show how low-level sensation and actuation synergies can give rise to an internal predictive self-model, which in turn can be used to develop new behaviors. We demonstrate, both computationally and experimentally, how a legged robot automatically synthesizes a predictive model of its own topology (where and how its body parts are connected) th

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