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Stumbleboy is afraid he’s only going to make $61.3 million in profits instead of $61.8 million?

What’s StumbleUpon afraid of?3

In a recent encounter with StumbleUpon‘s banning of 20 accounts in our network, we have conjured up a little bit of something we read in a book by Guy Kawasaki, “

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Engadget San Francisco reader meetup

Engadget is having a meetup for its readers in San Francisco! They are giving out lots of FREE stuff, so don’t miss it if you live near here! (I will try to be there…)

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Computer Controlled Intelligent Scarecrow?

Computer Controlled Scarecrow


Yes, it has been done by students from University of South Florida. Great job guys!  These guys should really make a new start-up company making whole bunch of these for farmers…

Our idea for this project was to develop an “intelligent scarecrow” called the Erebus Scarecrow. The system is designed to protect ponds at a fish farm from bird predators that can cost farmers thousands of dollar

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