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Best Earbud Review – Sony MDR-Ex75 Hands-On Review!

Honestly, I have to admit I don’t give hands-on review of every cool gadget since I physically can’t try EVERYTHING. (well, maybe in the future)

But for earbuds, I have tried many different brands and I know which one gives you bang for your dollar.

The perfect earbud that I am looking for and have found  will not break easily and provide high quality treble and bass for my listening pleasures, even when I am going to sleep.

You might remember the post I did on Best Earbud Review couple months

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DIY – How to Make Fog Animator!


Here’s a really cool project that uses fog and reat projection video to animate things like eyes under the fog.

If you’ve ever ridden the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland,

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DIY Egg Beaters can be used as Centrifuge for 3rd World Countries!

Here’s great news for helping out the needy in 3rd world countries, it’s the fact that egg beaters with handles as shown above can be used as centrifuge for seperating plasma from blood.  Now, try using one of those Black and Decker automatic egg beaters and you got a perfect centrifuge without spending thousands of dollars on

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DIY – How to Make your own Wooden Canon 1D Digital Camera!

Here’s a fun DIY on how to make your own wooden Canon 1D Digital Camera out of wood.  Now, you won’t have to spent thousands of dollars on this camera although it won’t be functional.

via diyhappy, DIY Page

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Home Swimmer

Remember the $5,900 Swimmill that lets you convert your spa or small swimming pool into a lap pool?

Well, the great news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, in fact, you can spend just $89.99 on one of these Home Swimmer contraptions which allow you to swim laps after laps using simple belts and straps.

I was really surprised that this product can really do pretty much the same thing as the expensive version.

Swimming is recognize

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