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Cellphone Globe – Recycled cellphones

Here’s a great way to make some new technological art using old cellphones. But what are those guys doing? Are they supposed to be part of the art???

Samsung unveiled ‘mobile-globe’, its glove-shaped creation in Ukraine, which is made of Samsung mobile phones from the old model to the latest ones such as Jasper Morrison phone and Ultra Edition 10.9. The creation has been established at Caravan shopping mall in Kiev, Ukraine in order for brand exposure of Samsung.

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If you ever wanted to get serious with some LEDs, you can really play with this guy. He can mimic any songs, well, it’s not available yet… I bet Garrett from Comfile can hack one up real quick… He made that voice activated Christmas Tree, this doesn’t seem too different. It seems like the eyes and nose are random movements and the mouth simply syncs to the music depending on

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Yey! We made money off you!

If you are reading this, yes, we made money while you were reading zedomax! Well, not that much but enough to pay for fractions of our server costs…

That cleared, Kontera is a great way to make money. Actually those guys are very good at contacting us first to put a little javascript code. Basically all those double lines are Kontera ads… Well, that’s it. If you blog, you should be using Kontera… I think… d

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