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Keyboard Hack – How to Make DIY Keyboard Shorts!

This has to be the most interesting blogger-wear ever I’ve seen in the last few years, DIY keyboard shorts that will let you keep blogging away with your legs up, no keyboard to balance on your thighs.

I definitely need one of these for lazier blogging…

Today was Fashion Hacking day with Diana Eng at NYC Resistor and I’ve wanted to make these keyboard pants for a long time. The basic idea was to take a flexible silicone keyboard and somehow integrate it with some pants (or shorts). I had they keyboards laying

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DIY – How to Make your own Balance Board!

If you skateboard, snowboard, surf, or do any other board sports, you will know the value of having your own balance board in your home to practice.

Besides practicing your balance, the Balance Board can give you toned calves, thighs, and a great way to exercise in a small space.

this ible will show you how to build your very own balance board to almost the exact same dimensions of the leading brands product (think surfer nickname for indonesia). however instead of costing you GBP 80 or howaver many dollars that translates into it will only

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Human Powered Off-Road 4X4 – TrailCart!

Yey, a human powered off-road 4×4!  Can it go over big rocks though?

The Trail Cart: A permanent four-wheel drive “bike” for the true off-road masochist. Looking at the size of those tires, and the fact that you are powering all four of them with your legs, we’d suspect that this thing would takes thighs the size of hams to even start it moving. But a poke around the website shows the Trail Cart being ridden by some not-too beefy Germans (the Cart is made in Germany), and even one kid.


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