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MacBook THIEVES – Apple Store Heist in New Jersey!

Wow, take a look at this video of these 5 “professional” burglars who stole 23 MacBook Pros in just 31 seconds!  That is impressive regardless of what they did.  These thieves must have done speed lap training beforehand.

Now, I am not saying you should ever steal anything but if you are going to be a burglar, you gotta be as fast as these guys and be smart.  (I feel like I am watching a mini-version of ocean’s eleven…)

I’ve seen so many dumb criminals on COPS, it’s a relief that the media finally lets some truth through, that there are a

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$15,000 Diamond-Studded iPhone Case!

If you couldn’t get more ridiculous, here’s the $15,000 diamond-studded iPhone case for all you uber-filthy-rich snobs who need to show off your wealth.  Just make sure to keep it hidden from public view at all times if you don’t want thieves snatching your iPhone case.  Better yet, protect it with your life, get a gun along with it. (if you live in America that is)

“This case is yet another step we are taking to help the Noreve brand become one of the most unique and recognized case manufacturers in the world,” said Sam Bru

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Keep Your Valuables in the Bread Safe!

Keep your valuables in this plastic bread safe to protect your small stuff.  Let burglars sweat the big stuff, not your valuable jewelry or any other small expensive things.

Thieves will never dream of looking in this BREAD SAFE for valuables!

Place this realistic round bread on your table or in your bread box with your most valuable small items inside for safe-keeping.

Recommended by Law Enforcement agencies around the world!

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DIY – How to Make Fakeout Stereo to Deter Thieves!

Here’s a cool instructables on how to make a fakeout stereo face to deter thieves from stealing your precious stereo face.

This faceplate is made using the original Delco radio/cassette tape player that came with the truck, some Velcro, and a lot of epoxy glue. I left half of a cassette sticking out of the tape player for added effect.

Additional Fake-Out Stereo DIYs

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Gold Porsche 911 from Russia!

You probably don’t want to drive this gold Porsche 911 around as thieves will probably scrape off the gold as soon as you park it but it’s a nice Porsche 911 I’d kill to have one.

The filthy rich owner definitely has tons of cash strewn around to load it with 40 pounds of the pure gold. It seems only Porsche wasn’t enough for the guy hence he got it decked up to look like it is covered with golden plates! Roll over for more glitzy images…..

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DIY Cardboard Bicycle for 30 Bucks!

If you ride in the rain, we don’t recommend the DIY Cardboard bicycle that costs $30 to make but if you do live in a hot country, this cardboard bicycle might save you some dollars and help re-use some of that leftover cardboard.

Phil Bridge, 21, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, believes his “ultimate green machine” will be cheap enough to attract occasional users while also deterring

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Unbreakable Super Strong Umbrella!

The unbreakable super umbrella can help you protect yourself against thieves and also might save you where a strong pole thingee is needed.

I wonder how the umbrella itself holds up against the wind, maybe it could be great for golf too.

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Eye-Fi – an SD card that catches thieves!

Lol… make sure to check the SD card label before you hook it up to your computer.

The Eye-Fi hooks up to the internet and sends your photos to either an online sharing site or directly back to your home machine. In this case it was the latter, and the hapless thief not only sent the precious vacation shots back to Alison’s computer, but — according to the email we received from Gadget Lab reader Joe Volat — “pictures [of] the thieves proudly displaying Alison’s lifted camera equipment”.

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