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Realistic Dasani Water Bottle Stash Safe!

Whether you are trying to hide your money or keys, the realistic Dasanic Water Bottle stash safe is really on-the-down low, meaning you can keep things safely away from others.  This might be perfect for disguising stuff you want to bring into a party without the security being di(ks to you.

This is one of the most realistic diversion safes ever invented. Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim’s home and only have time to check the most obvious places for valuables. This unique safe allows you to hide valuables inside a common bottle of Dasani water – one

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Eye-Fi – an SD card that catches thieves!

Lol… make sure to check the SD card label before you hook it up to your computer.

The Eye-Fi hooks up to the internet and sends your photos to either an online sharing site or directly back to your home machine. In this case it was the latter, and the hapless thief not only sent the precious vacation shots back to Alison’s computer, but — according to the email we received from Gadget Lab reader Joe Volat — “pictures [of] the thieves proudly displaying Alison’s lifted camera equipment”.

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Fake TV – LED TV really…


Anyone up for a fake tv for home security?

Nothing says “people are home” like a window with the flickering light of a TV coming out of it. I mean, if I was a thief I certainly wouldn’t try to break into a house that looked like it had people plopped on the couch inside it. I’d just move on to the next dark house on the block.

via dvice

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Be a Knight, get a Chain Mail T-Shirt

Yes, you can re-live the medieval times through wearing one of these classy Chain Mail T-shirts at work… Who knows, you might be able to fight off that random thief with a knife…  At $99.99, it’s a good price for medieval pastime.  (Wear to your next Medieval Show!) :p

The ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-Shirt is honest-to-goodness real metal chain mail hand forged by dwarfs in forbidden mines near the center of the earth and delivered to the ThinkGeek warehouse by shrieking bl

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