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BBQ DIY – How to Add Temperature Gauge(Thermometer) to your Gas Grill! (and save a bunch of money)


When you buy a gas grill, there’s a big price-hike in gas grills with temperature meters and those without.   You don’t need to pay extra for temperature gauge, you can get an $8 temp gauge, drill a hole, and install it yourself. (and save a bunch of money)

This could be a great way to closely watch how well done your steaks are for those of you who have gas grills but no temperature gauge.

Anyone who has priced gas grills knows that there is a significant price step up between those that have a temperature gauge (man talk for thermometer) and those that don̵

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Baby Bath Tub with Built-in Thermometer!

Yes, it’s true that babies need their own bath tubs.  Babies are also prone to heat and very sensitive.  You can easily burn a baby’s skin if the water too hot but here’s a baby bath tub with a built-in thermometer so you will always know exactly what the temperature of the water is.

The color changing backlit display shows up as red

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DIY – Build a digital thermometer in 1 minute!

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Okay, it seems like the only class I really enjoyed in college was the embedded computer class. All the other circuit classes and computer language classes bore the hell out of me because they was no actual physical result.

With embedded computers, you actually physically get to see stuff and that’s what I liked about it.

Well I started w/ the Motorola MC68 series microcontrollers and it took me almost a week to make a digital thermometer. I had to make everything fro

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