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GM and Segway’s P.U.M.A!

Looks like against all the liability issues, GM and Segway has allowed the Gizmodo team to take a ride in their new P.U.M.A.

My first thoughts?  I would NEVER ride in that thang, it’s too small. (That’s my first honest reaction.)  I doubt that people over 200 pounds can even fit in that thing nevermind getting stuck.  But a great idea, sorta the next-level version of Segway.  To me it seems more like a miniature version of a golf cart or o

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Today On Keetsa!

Yes, Keetsa has been posting TONS of eco-friendly related stuff and we are here to cover that too:


For all you LOLcat-lovers, you might want to check out the DIY Cat Scratcher for your furry friends.  Also check out animal-friendly vegan hiking shoes that might be worth your time.


Here’s a company that is converting vegetable oil to

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Steve Jobs on Blue-ray Discs – “Bag of Hurt!”

In a recent Apple get-together conference (actually right now I think…), Steve Jobs says Blue-ray discs are “bag of hurt” and he’s unsure if this Blue-ray disc thing will keep going or not.

Although I don’t agree with Steve Jobs’ decision on going with AT&T for the iPhone, I have to agree Blue-ray discs are still in their early stages and things could drastically change in the next 1-2 years.

Just remember when the last couple time Sony failed to standardize their new technology inventions such as

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iPhone HACK – 18 Year Old uses iPhone to Control RC Car!


Here’s a cool iPhone hack that an 18 year old uses to control his RC Car.  It maybe helpful for those of you trying to do the same thang.

It has five buttons, four of them you can use for traditional driving and when you press the last one, it unlocks the accelerometer control in the same way as in many driving games available on AppStore.

via geekalerts,

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Pulse Jet Go-Cart


Wow, wee! Dat thang is loud! We are on a blog marathon today folks to start off 2008 on a speed-blogging theme. We will be posting 30+ posts per day just like “we used to”.

via HackedGadgets

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