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Tetris and Pong Neck Ties!

Here’s two really geeky neck ties that will please your co-workers and boss.

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DIY – Howto Make Tetris Brownies!

Wow, check out this cool DIY on how to make your own Tetris brownies.  Now, where did I put that concoction for those pot brownies???

Who doesn’t love Tetris? Fit the tetrads (or tetrominoes or blocks) together the best you can without any spaces. Keep the game going by forming unbroken lines that disappear to steer clear of building the blocks all the way up to the top of the screen (this action = game over). This is one of the only video games I have ever really enjoyed (Super Mario

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Sparkfun’s Touch Tetris at Maker Faire 2008


Remember we featured Touch Tetris way back last year? Well, I saw it in person at the Maker Faire 2008 so I had to post another video of how “cool” it is.

You can go here to find out how to make one yourself.

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DIY HACK – Sparkfun playing around with Touch Tetris

I need one of these touch Tetris where you can actually move your whole arm to guide your boxes. (If I can only do this in the warehouse where everything fits, we’d save a lot of space…) (thinking of our warehouse pictures, i forgot to updated with ALL our Mattress-in-a-box(es)…visit our mattress store within 26 hours and you can save 20% OFF our re

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Entertainment Fitness – Play tetris with weights!

Here’s a cool workout system while playing tetris! Hmmm… it would be cool if you could make it wireless though…

or maybe a 2 player game with ability for each player to send the other player blocks and maybe it increases the weights…

Who says you can’t get buff playing video games? Here’s a clever Tetris weightlifting project using Phidgets infrared distance sensors and an open source Tetris clone (source and control software included) – Tim writ

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