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Palm Pre Plus Hack – How to WiFi Tether without Paying $40/month!

My good friend Raja, the developer of the original Palm Pre Wifi tethering app, has just pinged me that his My Tether app now officially supports WiFi tethering on the Palm Pre Plus, meaning you won’t have to pay $40/month for Mobile HotSpot. (You will have to pay one time donation of $14.95 but still, that beats paying $480 a year to Verizon. For what?)

See details on the Palm

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Xbox360 Hack – How to Tether iPhone on your Xbox360!

For those of you with fast iPhone connection, you might want to learn how to tether your iPhone to your Xbox360, although this will drain your battery like hell and you will have to dedicate your iPhone to tethering.  This could actually be good alternative if you don’t have home Cable/DSL or your internet connection is down.

You will need to buy the MyWi app first though for tethering your iPhone in the first place btw.

This is pretty easy actually. First off you will need MyWi to actually

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DROID Hack – How to Tether Motorola Droid and Other Android Phones!

UPDATE: There’s a better/free app you can install called Android WiFi Tether, read up on How to Tether your Nexus one, Droid and other Android phones should be similar.

Here’s a simple way to tether your motorola Droid using a free app (and there’s a paid app too).

And of course, it seems that this tethering app is only supported for USB or bluetooth, I wish they were able to

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iPhone Hack – How to Tether iPhone 2G and Enable MMS on OS 3.1.2!

AT&T now clearly “guilty” of messing with net neutrality, doesn’t allow tethering nor MMS on iPhone 2G with OS 3.1.2.  Well, you don’t have to worry about AT&T, they don’t control your own iPhone, simply hack it and learn how to tether iPhone 2G plus enable MMS here:

1. Backup original CommCenter (goes without saying…) 2. Replace CommCenter in: /System/Libr

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Palm Pre Hack – How To Tether USB Modem out of your Palm Pre!


Well, I’ve gone a little Palm Pre crazy over the weekend, using it as my new WiFi Hotspot.  It turns out the My Tether app I used yesterday also has USB tethering capabilities.

To my surprise, the USB tethering worked beautifully, you can read up o

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Palm Pre Hack – How to Make Your Palm Pre into a Wireless Router/HotSpot!


Palm Pre has been literally “awesome” in the last couple days that I’ve had it.

I love this new touchscreen phone so much that I even registered a domain name for it called PalmPre-Hacks.com on the night I bought the Palm Pre.

Well, it turns out that my $199 investment on the Palm Pre has paid off already as I have figured out how to make it into a wireless router already.


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Robo Exo-skeleton Video!


WOw, soon we will have Wolverines…

This Robotic Exoskeleton by Sarcos has been in development for many years, it still requires a tether but when it will be completely stand alone when it is released. I think the most interesting aspect will be the ability to step out of the exoskeleton and have it continue to perform some duties until you return.

via hackedgadgets

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