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Optimus 2X vs. Nexus S Benchmarking Test! [FIGHT]

Here’s some benchmarking tests between the LG Optimus 2X and Google Nexus S.

First up is NeoCore, which shows us how many frames per second each phone can do:

LG Optimus 2X edges out the Nexus S with 75.8fps to 55.7fps.

In the next test, we do the Linpack:


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Website Design Hack – How to Test your Website for IE6 Browser Compatibility!

Thanks to invent of Windows 7, I no longer complain about how Vista sucks but I ran into one problem, that of testing my new blog designs on IE6 browsers.  I do have an Eee PC netbook that runs IE6 still but it’s a pain to boot my netbook just to check my blog designs on the IE6.

For those of you already enjoying Windows 7, there’s a cool little free program called IETester that will let you check your website’s c

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GeekCook – The Ultimate Wall Clock for Mad Scientists from China!

Apart from the word “geek” this GeekCook clock from China will bring out your mathematical skills everytime the hour hand hits 1100 in base 2 or binary. (that’s 4+8 = 12 buddy!)

Of course, don’t forget that it’s not available anywhere but China right now.  If anyone has links to where people can buy this (using English), please leave them in the comments line, thanks!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the

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