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GIANT Tesla Coils at Maker Faire!


Probably the best part about Maker Faire was Arc Attack’s GIANT tesla coils. I didn’t have chance to film the whole thing but above is just a bit of what happened in 1080P HD.

There’s actually a guy in the middle if you look carefully inside some kind of “safe” box, I guess it’s pretty safe to be in there other than the high voltage just screaming about everywhere else.

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2 7-feet-tall Tesla Coils play Mario Brothers Theme Song!

You have to agree that 2 7-feet tall Tesla Coils playing Mario Brothers is an awesome music.

via techeblog

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Nevada Lightning Laboratory Lightning demo at Maker Faire 2008!

Well, these guys were at Maker Faire last year but I missed their show everytime since I had a Maker booth.

This year, I got the whole footage on tape:



Btw, you can find more information about these super-gigantic tesla coils over at Lod.org.

Boy, these things are way cool, maybe there’s more uses for it than simply a show. Perhaps, power my back-to-the-future vehicle, De Lorean.

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