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Tent DIY – How to Make Your Own Tents!

My dad is actually a renowned tent inventor who has been making tents for over 20 years.  Well, he has some great patents that are still being used, let’s just put it that way.

Anyways, tents are rather cheap these days but for those of you who want to learn how to make your own tents, this could save a whole bunch of money plus there’s probably many uses for super, large tarp tents.

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Kids DIY – How to Make a Table Tent for your Kids!

If you have kids, you might be happy to learn that you can make them a table tent so they can play hide and seek to kill time during those boring summer months.  Of course, summer is almost over but this table tent may serve as a cool hideout place for your kids all year long.

Kids love making forts and tents. The simplest one would be a blanket or sheet thrown over a table. However if you still want to be able to use the table, this instructible will show you a simple way to create a tent for your child that reduces the risk of everything on top of the table being pulled off.

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DIY – How to Make a Cheap Light Tent with a Box!

There’s a slew of light tent DIYs out there but this one looks pretty good as it uses a single box and some white paper to make a cheap Light Tent you can use for taking photos for your new online store products.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend money if you can do it yourself and yield the same results. One day I was at my local photography store I saw one of these “Pop-Up” light tents. It consisted of a collapsible white fabric box with a hole in the front and 3 lights – used for photographing small objects in photog

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DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Collapsible Light Tent

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of light boxes and tents for photography floating on the internet before but here’s a “collapsible” light tent that might actually be useful and easy to store simultaneously.

Ever wanted to take pictures of small items around your house and make them look like it was done at a studio? It’s possible with some items around your home and a trip to your local craft store. It’s going to cost you around $15 but its money well spent. If you were to ord

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