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Recommended Temperature

Food Hack – At What Temperature to Cook Baked Potatoes in the Oven!

I was just cookin’ some baked potatoes and figured this one would be very helpful.

At what temperature should you cook your potatoes?

Well, I think 350 degrees at 60 minutes is the best way although you can do something like 400 degrees at 30 minutes.

You can refer to WhatsCookingAmerica for more details on the bake times for the potatoes.

More helpful sites on how to cook baked potatoes:

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DIY Dual Fan Controller Project

Here’s a nice little circuit diagram for all those hardcore DIYers if you are trying to build a dual fan controller using an ATtiny45 although I’d never use this thing, I’d rather use a CUBLOC.

Over the course of a weekend, I cobbled together some leftover robot parts to create a simple dual-fan controller. The board turns on the first fan when the temperature reaches a user-adjustable dial setting, and it turns on a second fan if the temperature exceeds an additional 5 degrees F

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DIY HOWTO – Linux Temperature Monitoring using the DS1820

Here’s how you can make your own Linux Temperature Monitoring system coupled with a DS1820 chip using the 1-wire communication protocol. Note that you could easily do this with a Basic Stamp, which supports 1-wire protocol and just simply add a

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