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Make TV DIY – How to Solder!

Well, I have the pleasure of receiving the preview of Make Television DVD from Phillip Torrone at Make, thanks for that btw. 🙂

Here’s a good video of how to solder, all in HD, you will need it if you are going to be making any of my DIYs here.

Looks like they got a bunch of videos

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Korean JATY Navigation does Breathalyzer!

Here’s an innovative idea for all future navigation systems, to include a breathalyzer.  How many DUI convictions would we save for an extra sensor and some stupid program that’d probably cost the navigation manufacturer extra 5 bucks?

At least, we know exactly what “level” we are on before driving.

Those crazy Koreans have brought out a new auto toy to tell if you’re fit to drive after a few jars of the sauce. Yes, the JATY DR7200 doubles as a breath

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DIY – How to Make a 56 inch Multitouch Television!



Wow wee, this is an awesome DIY 56 inch multi-touch television!

I have built a nice multitouch display during my spare time as a hobby. In this article, I will share plans and explain how to construct a 56 inch multitouch screen that looks like a TV. It’s totaly homemade, it’s not made from an old tv but you could do so. This article is for peo

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Concept Touchscreen Universal Remote looks Aw(fully)some!

Check out this touchscreen universal remote concept. It seems like actually more than a remote and by the sign of the big “E”, it must have internet web browsing capabilities on top of being able to use it as a telephone.

Well, kudos for the design, maybe too awfully awesome for the consumers.

Simply called the Universal Remote, the device would be flash capable so it could display anything from channel listings to more elaborate menus. With a touchscreen, the r

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DIY – Flatscreen HOWTO when you can’t afford it

Here’s howto make a flatscreen with your DLP projection TV. the pictures should be enough to give you the idea. Well, you just need a wall with access to the other side. Hilarious, hahaha!


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Linux DIY Hack – HOW TO – Scan the ‘waves with your TV card

Wow, here’s a cool way to put your old linux box to good use…TV wave hacking!

AMXL shows you how to use a SAA7134 based TV card and Debian to tune in to all sorts of waves you can’t normally get with your TV… Looks like it will work with many of the TV cards out there too… – “If you have a TV capture card in your computer, you probably already have all the hardware you need to listen in on much more than just TV and radio (only software changes a

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