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GPS Hack – How to Never Lose Your Child through GPS Tracking!

These days, there’s no reason to ever “lose” your child, especially with the number of GPS tracking devices out there today.

I was doing more research for my Palm Pre’s GPS tracking system on Twitter and found out that AmberAlert has just launched its hand-sized GPS tracking system GPS 2G, specifically for tracking your kids.

It’s rather pricey at $379.99 for one of these devices and $9.99/month for the most basic tracking but I think this could be the best investme

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Eco Roundup from the Green Blog at Keetsa!

Here’s a bit of an update on interesting eco-tech articles from our green blog Keetsa:

US Cellular is offering free battery swap for low battery cellphones, Honda 2010 Insight sold for just $1.24 on an auction site, and Hyundai’s new Accent will run on LPG.

Here’s a cool

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Toaster Bags make Making Hot Sandwiches a Breeze!

At first I thought this was a sushi toaster as the toaster bag and sandwich together reminded me of my favorite ma-ke.  But it turns out it’s a toaster bag which will keep everything inside your sandwich together while heating it up nicely.  Sorta reminds me of Quizno subs and how they oven-bake everything before they serve it.

This is ironic find as I have just bought a brand new toaster couple days ago after probably 10+ years of not having one.

Whether you’re a student, teenager or busy professional on the go, why not invest

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