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Attention Bloggers! – Technorati TrainStation – FaveMe Up Trainstation

Here’s a fun little Technorati FaveMe Up exercise Mike from Bloggin-Ads has started:

The basic idea of this Trainstation is to have people come to fave the last 5-10 commentators. This allows everyone to receive equal publicity to their blogs and receive Technorati authority.

Rules: (Changed just a bit)

Click the following link to add me to Technorati Favorites

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Wagg It – Blog Voting Community

We have been messing around with Pligg, a digg-like social CMS (content management system). First we made wagthis.com hosted on Dreamhost but after running for a month the shared server seems to go down a lot. Since then, we made a new one with better hardware on wagg.it. (It took us like a month to register the domain name through a european registry but we were finally able to get it working…)

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Blogger’s tool – use Turbo tagger for Technorati tags

Check out this tagger that will allow you to put technorati tags easily to your website or blog. I typed in some cool words and look what I got in the above screenshot. Thanks J for the submission! 🙂

J says,

I recently released an online tool that you and your readers might find useful. The name of this tool is “Turbo Tagger”, and it’s a convenient all-in-one tool that allows users to instantly generate Technorati tags as they type in their chosen tag

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Search Engine using tags!

Here’s a cool search engine that searches all type of tags on the world wide web for your image, video, audio, web, etc…etc… Thanks Veerendra for the info!~ 🙂

Veerendra Shivhare says, “Tagbulb offers a mashup of search engines for tags allowing searches against just about any web 2.0 site you can think of. You can search via tag using services like Youtube, Flickr, Technorati, 43Things, and many of their competitors. “

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