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USB Powered E-Cigarette from Thanko!

For a nicotine addicts like me who simply cannot get out of smoking the cancer sticks, this USB Powered E-cigarette might be a healthier alternative.  I said it could, my favorite cigarettes are still going to be Marlboro Lights.  (If I am in Korea, it will be This)

Anyways, check it out, it might be worth your time and possibly sav

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Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker!

Remember our review of Top 10 Best Speakers for iPod/iPhones?  Well we didn’t cover any wireless speakers and here’s a great find, a Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Bluetooth wireless portable speaker!

It’s not available right now but

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Powerski Jetboard!

At 40mph and 45 horsepower engine, this thing is AWESOME! (Video after the jump!)

I am gettin’ one next year dude!


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