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Aptera Electric Car


Check out this cool lookin’ Aptera Electric Car. They even got bunch of videos on their myspace page.

Looks like a big bug…haha…

Pre-order yours, it looks like this one’s gonna be a lucky one.

But only if you want to become known as the town eccentric. Clocking up a smug environmentalist’s dream 230mpg and maxing out at 55mph, the hybrid elec

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Zedomax reaches over 500,000 Unique Visitors thanks to you’all

The other day, we decided to check out web stats.  Above is a snapshot of our blog traffic since we started on August 14th, 2006.

We want to thank Phillip Torrone for all the blog posts and it was his Make blog that got us started in the first place.

Also all thanks also go to all the other blogs and websites that helped us get more traffic and keep going:


Sake-serving ROBOTs!

Here’s a nice sake serving robot if you are into drinking soju or sake like us…

If you’ve always wanted a slave, but are too darned ethical to buy a live one, how about a handmade sake serving automata made from cherrywood and porcelain? These lovely little robots are all based on clockwork, and use technology dating from th

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Tech Digest’s Top 10 videos from CES!

[gv data=”UOWYIjbKDcc”][/gv]

[gv data=”rXf4yb2JlFs”][/gv]

[gv data=”2bw7gPQdTWw”][/gv]

nice hoo*ers…

[gv data=”W2HvdK3yT1o”][/gv]

my next TV…

[gv data=”3i5_YDd6myI”][/gv]

Cool…more beer robots…

via techdigest

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Sell your old cellphone to therecyclingfactory.com

Here’s a site that will pay for your old cellphones instead of letting them become part of your family treasure. Save earth and recycle your old phones and get some CASH$$$

Even a two year old mobile, despite lacking this year’s glamorous features, is chock-full of useful components and elements that go into next year’s mobile. Likewise, the parts of ink cartridges that wear out are, by skilled hands, fairly easy to replace and turn back into useful little pots of C, M, Y or K. That’s where

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Flying Alarm Clock wakes you in incredibly annoying way, cheap enough to destroy

Here’s a cool alarm clock that will fly via techdigest!

To heck with broken flying clocks, the Flying Alarm Clock is the real thing. It goes off at the appoi

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