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FusionGarage Sued Into Abysmal Misery by TechCrunch!

Check out the lawsuit against FusionGarage by TechCrunch, I think this is definitely going to be a lot of fun to watch how it ends.

According to Michael Arrington, the lawsuit is mainly for:

The causes of action include Fraud and Deceit, Misappropriation of Business Ideas, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unfair Competitition and Violations of the Lanham Act.

I have to say FusionGarage is probably the dumbest people on the planet, shooting their own blo

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Seth The Blogger Guy Responds, My Response Seth

Yesterday, I got sorta “peeved” because someone try to impersonate a “blogger guy”.

Anyways, Seth Bloom has just sent this e-mail to me:

Hey there,

Saw the post – happy to talk more about the program.  I get most of what you’re saying…but I do want to make sure you understand the title – and I’m concerned that readers will get the impression from the post that our videos are less then genuine.  We sta

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Blog DIY – How to Use GooseGrade to Fix Your Blog Post Grammer and Spelling!

GooseGrade one of those friendly companies I talk to at the Web 2.0 Expo this year.  It’s a social networking site where people can submit their grammatical/spelling errors to be corrected by members of GooseGrade, who also earn status based on their previous corrections.

(You can read about exactly what the site is about by reading previous reviews from TechCrunch and

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Mike Arrington on TV


Here’s some interesting interview with Mike Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch.

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Web2.0 News – eBay acquiring Stumbleupon

Okay, we are going to try some Web 2.0 news from now on…i think…

It looks like eBay is acquiring Stumbleupon for around $50 million bucks. Maybe they can make people stumble onto humorous ebay pages like a Sony laptop being sold for 10K. I am not exactly sure what their plan is but it seems like StumbleUpon is

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SpaceX Falcon 1 launch video


Tight, SpaceX Falcon 1 launched and made it into space!

It looks like there’s a good chance today’s SpaceX launch will be successful – Founder Elon Musk just wrote that they made

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oDesk Hits MileStones, Lowers Fees

Interesting site that you can hire people and monitor them while their working for you…Average hourly rate at about $15…

oDesk is a place to find developers to build software, and they allow the project owner to monitor the developer while working via screen shots and a video camera – see the demo here. This is a service that we’ve used ourselves and plan on using again. The only downside that we’ve encountered – projects posted can be seen by the

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Add Snap Previews to Any Site For Free


Cool new preview site!

Last week they launched Snap Preview Anywhere, a free service that lets any site owner add previewing technology to their sites. When installed, every link on the site (internal links are optional) will show a preview of the linked site when a viewer hovers over the link. To see how it works, hover over the “Try Snap Preview Anywhere here” link near the top of

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Cool new blogging site for newbie bloggers…


Cool new blogging site that looks, in one word, “clean”… There are multiple features available to the public newbie blog user in comparison with other blogging sites such as the blogger.com and whatnot…

Besides all the basic features of a social networking site, Vox includes extensive privacy controls, a tag cloud for blog posts and a beautiful WYSWIG composition page. Privacy levels are a big part of the company’s strategy, Meena Trott in particular has been talking for some time about how the future of

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Google CSE Custom Search Engine Launched!


Yes, googling has been fun but seems like it’s getting too crowded with too much information.

Here’s a custom search engine from google where you can be selective of the sites you want to search.

via techcrunch

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