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Tax Hack – How to Hack Taxes Before New Years!

Well, here’s a really simply advice but it could possibly save you a LOT of money next year when you report taxes to the U.S. government.  (Now, if you live elsewhere, this might be different)

Since you have until April 2009 to report your taxes for 2008 but your tax deductions only count until end of 2008, you need to really spend before the year is over.

Here’s some tips for saving taxes:

1. If you are going to buy that $20,000 printer for your small business, buy it now and write it off as 2008 expense.  Any expenses you know you are going to spend earl

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Border Patrol Bots!

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that BAE systems were rumored to work on insect-like robots for the military.  Now, BAE systems have developed Border Patrol Bots that can go under trucks, equipped with sensors, and practically allow travelers to move along faster while increasing security.

I think it’s a good idea I guess, just don’t tell me any of my tax money is going into it.  THEN, I’d have to ask the government to stop doing it as I don’t want to spend money on border patrollization.

With so many people I kn

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B2 Bomber Crash on Video!

Stealth B2 Bomber crashed for no apparent reason but the pilots are okay. Yey, there goes another 30 million dollars of my tax money!

Air Combat Command officials released a report June 5 on the Feb. 23 crash of a B-2 Spirit at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. The investigation revealed distorted data by the B-2’s air data system ulimately caused the crash. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class


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Urine collecting Underwear could save millions of Tax Payers’ money!


Here’s underwear made for pilots so they can go pee while flying. I guess there has been cases in the past where pilots would crash due to their inability to flush themselves while in the air.

Think of how much each jet plane costs, like $30 million!

This little stupid underwear could possibly let me pay less taxes. Or at least see that tax money goes to education and poverty instead of jet planes.

The Advanced Mission Extender Device (“

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