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Gadgets from Target for $29.99


Today, I went on a Target shopping spree this weekend for a little while to buy some stuff and found some cool gadgets…

Here are the 3 cool stuff I found:

Laptop Chiller at Target Link

This seems to be a very useful gadget for many laptop users as it cools and a

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Sentry Robot – what is the world coming to?


Here’s a sentry robot can detect enemies via its infrared sensor, tell the difference between ally and enemy, and can shoot on target w/ 100% accuracy within 2km (1km at night) … this is what use to be in video games… hmmm… looks like samsung made this from the picture…

The South Korean government is expected to buy 1,000 of these robots at the cost of $200,000 apiece and will deploy them along its northern border, coastal regions and military airfil

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Harmony Bionic Ear System


Hmm…cool biornic ears, great stuff~

Boston Scientific’s bionic ear gets FDA approval today, perfectly timed to save the hearing of Metallica fans rounding 40+. The piece delivers 120 spectral bands, which is 5-10 times more than the competition. Hmm…120 bands? I bet that makes the world sound as if it were in MIDI. The internal sound processor hooks into the brain, while the external processor automatically adjusts gain to make speech clearer, whispe

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Robot3 – Segway Humanoid Robot that can dance, run, and wake up at the right time!


Here’s a video, the robot seems to play good w/ kids… 🙂


robo3 website link

Just in from Chosun news in Korea, robo3 just developed a robot based on Segway structure. The robot can dance, run, and wake you up in the morning. It has

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DIY – MP3 Player in a Altoids from MIT


Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your MP3 Player that fits in a Altoid can from MIT.

It uses a PIC microcontroller, STA MP3 decoder, DAC, Compact Flash as memory card, and a USB interface from FDTI, which is kinda good combination of chips I would say

The Minty MP3 player can be built from parts that are sold at Ye Olde Traditional electronics distributor (digikey/mouser/newark). Half of the parts can be sampled for free, for a minimal total cost

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