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Target Cashiers Now Play A Virtual Checkout Game!

Here’s some great news for Target shoppers and cashiers, Target is now applying a “checkout game” for all their cashiers where they are graded based on how quickly they can process customers.

I think this is a great idea to get those slow cashier lines moving faster and give jobs to those who truly deserve it, the hard-working/fast ones.

As a consumer who has experienced slow lines in various shops, (including BestBuy, one of the worst) this kind of c

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Quick Twitter DIY – How to Make a ReTweetThis button for your WordPress Blog from Scratch!

Well, I’ve been messing with Twitter today, I even made a new URL shortening called U2S.Me in 2 hours, here’s how to make ReTweet This! button for your WordPress blog froms scratch:

For those of you who want to create your own “ReTweet This!” button using your favorite URL shortener, (mine is U2S.Me, which I made from scratch) you can easily implement a CURL into your single.php to make this happen on the fly.

Here’s how to do it, add the following code in your single.php (This example uses U2S.Me to shorten URLs, you can

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IKEA Hack – How to Make Stylish Keyboard Storage using Magazine Holders!

Here’s a great way to make a cheap keyboard storage (or you can store files too) using magazine holders.  This will be a good way to save space as you can “drill” the magazine holders onto the side or any part of your desk/furniture.  Heck, I might even add couple of these to my wall, that’d really give me more storage!

This Instructable is a step-by-step guide t

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iPhone HACK – DIY Beer Pouring iPhone!


Here’s a really cool DIY Beer pouring iPhone.  If you are going to make an iPhone app, this is a great example, don’t make those weird,boring ones.

..this product, made from Legos, run by the iPhone, and designed to pour an entire bottle of beer into a glass is aimed squarely at your target demographic.

via techeblog

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Robotic Dog Fetches the Ball!


Remember the Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your dog?  Well, get one of these Robotic Dogs and you will have a complete dog throwing/fetching automation.  Why not?

This robot uses an Acroname CMUcam2+ for its eye and an Acroname BrainStem GP 2.0 microcontroller for its brain. It chases down a bright pink ball (which I made with a styrofoam ball and neon pink acrylic paint), grabs it with its dual-servo pincher, and brinks it back to its home base by homing in on another bright pink target (conveniently mounted over the iSight

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Scientists now can control Insect Movement!


Wow, this is something that could get out of hand like a scary movie.  What if someone evil controlled like 100 million beetles or somethin’?  Scary…

DARPA’s goal is to create cyborg insects that can fly at least 100 metres from their controller and land within 5 metres of a target, then stay put until commanded to buzz off again. How the insects will be guid

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Laptop Stands and let your Laptop last longer!

Check out some of these really cool ways you can make your own Laptop stands. My favorite is as seen above, the wine corks and PVC pipe stand.

Btw, these are really great ways to make your laptop live longer. Without any space between the desk and the laptop, you are practically killing and overheating your laptop. Most people don’t r

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SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

Wow, this is simply something I’ve never done, make a website and then make it get over 10,000 UNIQUE VISITORS within 11 days.

Check this out:

Wow, we haven’t really hit 10K yet, but we got 9,991 and it’s still 10:01PM baby.

We are excited as hell like couple days ago when we reached 6,953! But, the day right after my birthday, my new site, SiteHoppin’ took off crazier than any sites I’ve ever made AND one of my best college buddies Billy Hendrix’s girlfriend, just had a boy baby this mornin’!

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Hands-on with the AtariLab Kit


I’ve been witness to some retro Atari’s you can buy at Target for like 30 bucks. Here’s some cool kits you can actually put sensors and make it act as an MCU.

AtariLab is a sensor kit for the 8-bit Atari computers. I ordered two of the kits recently, the starter kit and the light kit, and they both arrived in pristine condition. They work great with the Atari 130XE, but the light sensor was giving me some random readings (replacing the photoresistor in that wouldn’t be hard). The breakout board attaches to the

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Pondering about Barcodes and the future

With all the barcodes existing on the market today, here’s a website that allows you to make a personalized barcode for yourself.

This may be far off but maybe you can tatoo your barcode and make a touchscreen barcode system to go with it. Well with RFID in a crazy takeoff with Wal-mart and all the greedy mass merchants out there in our world today, we might as

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