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CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

This is one of those gadgets, “why didn’t they think of this before?”.  The power tap device called CheckTap can be programmed via your PC through a USB cable to control and also schedule which and when your devices are on/off.

This gadget supposedly could save your home/office a whole lotta electricity, so long as you can “program” it.  I do assume that most people will be able to program this thing but do have my doubts that over 50% of population will probably be stuck trying to

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DIY – How to Make a 2 Tap Cornelius Kegerator!

HEre’s a fun DIY that shows you how to turn a small refrigerator into a 2 Tap Cornelius Kegerator so you can drink all day and night long. Great job guys, this is the best DIY this year so far, cheers!

Recently we decided that we were tired of bottle conditioning our beer ( a 1 to 2 week process that gets you carbonated beer) it’s long and boring and we were sick of it. The solution? KEG IT! Kegging your beer means that instead of cleaning 36-50 bottles you clean

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