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Gas Hack – Pre-Purchase Gas Cards and Save on Rising Gas Prices!

It looks like there’s now a “pre-pay” solution to saving some money on by purchasing gas in advance.

You can go to MyGallons.com to purchase your future gas at current prices.

The high price of gasoline has some U.S. drivers looking to the future.

A recently introduced service called MyGallons.com allows drivers to fill up their tanks sometime in the future but at current prices, using a debit-like card which banks gallons rather than dollars.

“The price of gasolin

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Cuttlefish learns in the Embryo!

Lol, this is cool, I guess Cuttlefish is the only living organism that can learn inside the egg…

Before they have even hatched, cuttlefish embryos can peer out of their eggs and spot potential prey. It is the first time any animal has been shown to learn visual images before they are born.

Ludovic Dickel and his colleagues at the University of Caen Basse-Normandy, France, made the discovery by placing crabs alongside cuttlefish eggs in a series of laboratory tanks. Those embryos exposed to crabs preferred them as prey later in life, th

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DIY – How to Install a Rain Tank and Re-use Rain water!


Here’s a really simply way to re-use your rain gutter water for feeding your plants.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Rain tanks collect and store rain water, and they’re a viable green alternative for lawn maintenance since landscaping represents a huge drain on water resources. Erin’s tank directs water from her gutters into a storage system that will support her lawn and garden.

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Steam turbine tank!


Cool, we are looking forward to Maker Faire for cool steam tanks like this!

So what do you do after you’ve made a bunch of steam powered r/c tanks? Well you try making a steam turbine tank of course! Making a steam turbine r/c machine has sort of been one of my Holy Grails, but there are many issues with steam turbines, that made it difficult for me to tackle on the project.


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