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Propane DIY – How to Carry Your Propane Tank Safely Using Tank Nanny!

Here’s an awesome propane tank carrier for your car/SUV/truck, it’s called a Tank Nanny and will let your BBQ propane tank sit safe and straight up.  It’s amazing that it took so long for humans to come up with such a solution but heck, we have it now.

Cogswell asked his suppliers for something to secure the tanks, but couldn’t find anything. Thus was born the idea for the Tank Nanny, a skid-free plastic holder that provides a snug fit for the standard 20-pound propane tank. It costs

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Tank Chair!

Here’s an awesome design for a chair that sorta reminds me of a tank.  What I like are the wood pieces that form the chair, it looks SO comfortable!

Creator j-michael doesn’t really say whether or not the chair rolls like real treads or not, but at the very least, it would be a great conversation piece for when people visit.

via boxsprings blog

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Martin Jetpack

Yey, the Martin Jetpack is out.  It looks like a l

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Jellyfish Mood Lamp Aquarium!


Here’s a cool Mood Lamp Aquarium that can hold real jelly fishes. (This one comes with fake ones though)

I like the fact that you can actually get these sting-beasts in your bedroom without costing you an arm and a leg.

Watch these beautiful and realistic Jellyfish glide around this lamp, as it sets the scene perfectly in your home, or at work. The tank holds three jellyfish, which swim around the tank in the gentle current. At the top of the tank are siz bright coloured LED’s wh

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Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps!


This crazy mosquito trap called Mega-Catch can be used for catching a large number of mosquitos.  The machine even uses a big tank of CO2 gas to attract mosquitos all-year-round.

Of course, you probably won’t need this $500 mosquito catcher unless you are in super mosquito-rich area.

The first choice of thousands of US households as the ultimate weapon against mosquitoes. Mega-Catch™ Ultra

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Pet Toilet Water Bowl!

Don’t drink out of the toilet!   This one‘s okay though.

“Don’t drink out of the…” Oh well, in this case it’s OK. Our pet water bowl is a real conversation piece-guests will surely be amused when Fido quenches his thirst in the “commode”! It’s easy to use: Just place a filled, 2-liter plastic bottle (not included) into the “tank” and watch as

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Solar Powered Backpack!

Check out the solar powered backpack that let’s you charge your gadgets while you walk, ride the bike, or even chillin’ at the beach!

From Voltaic comes this small light weight Green Solar Panel Converter Pack. Multiple attachment mechanisms mean it can work as a pannier on a bicycle, a tank bag on a motorcycle, a saddle pack, or a day bag attached to a lager rucksack. 4 watts of solar power for fast charging.

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DIY Wifi Gun Shooting Camera Tank Robot!


Here’s a really cool robot that can supposedly shoot some rounds of ammo and has a video transmitter.

We didn’t load the gun with any ammo because we were in a school lab filled with faculty, you can still see the gun recoiling when you instruct it to fire. Ill get a video of it firing real rounds soon, its pretty intense (like scary intense, that thing will leave some serious bruises on you).

via ha

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Tight, this TANK “wheel chair” can go up stairs, over rocks, and anything you can’t do with a regular wheelchair.

Why didn’t they make this earlier?

Each chair is custom made to order and will have a heft price of around $15,000. If you’re hoping to snag one for yourself you can order now and have it by the middle of February.

via SlashGear

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Steam turbine tank!


Cool, we are looking forward to Maker Faire for cool steam tanks like this!

So what do you do after you’ve made a bunch of steam powered r/c tanks? Well you try making a steam turbine tank of course! Making a steam turbine r/c machine has sort of been one of my Holy Grails, but there are many issues with steam turbines, that made it difficult for me to tackle on the project.


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