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Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition Out!

Nokia N810 WiMAX rolls out, it’s a tablet PC/Oversized PDA/UMPC that is the very first WiMAX-enabled device you can buy today.  It looks like the industry has been keeping WiMAX on the down-low, meaning they were ALL making WiMAX devices probably at least a year before. (mostly for Asian countries who’ve had WiMAX for last 2 years now)

Now, everyone who ever knew complained WiMAX will suck can just shut up, thank you very much,   W

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Connect-A-Desk lets you type while standing!


Get the Connect-A-Desk, a laptop holder that lets you type on your laptop while standing up or walking around.

Connect-A-Desk is the laptop desk that connects to you so that you can use your laptop anywhere while on your feet. The Connect-A-Desk laptop harness & desk system makes any laptop truly mobile. Taking notes with a full size k

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